S2 E3 Why Overcoming Fear Leads to Growth

Season #2

Welcome to In The Growth Space!  If you’re a business leader with a hunger for growth, this podcast is for you.  This week David is joined by Tasha Scott, an unconventional voice of wisdom for today’s leaders. She's been a full-time entrepreneur for 20 years. Her own experiences in life and business fuel her passion and dedication to helping leaders reach their full potential and pay it forward to a world in need. She currently owns Maximized Growth, L.L.C., a training, and development company. In this episode, you’ll hear David & Tasha discuss: Tasha’s Entrepreneurial journey The importance of a support team Dealing with fear in business Tasha’s experience at Turning Point Check out our Inner Circle Groups info here! Click here for access to my free ebook Check out https://www.davidmcglennen.com/podcasts/in-the-growth-space-2 for links, transcript, and more details


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