We help you future-proof your company so that you can feel fulfilled and calm knowing you've designed your culture to empower your leaders.


It's hard to be a heart-centered leader. The path is narrow and gaining the ground to new heights that you and your company deserve is tough.

As you press on to the achievements you are shooting for, keeping great talent - the ‚ÄúA-Level‚ÄĚ people who can commit to your cause - takes a lot of energy.

And when great people leave, it sets you back.

You want a cohesive team and realize your people are how you’ll make progress on your mission.

There’s an impact you want to make in the world with your team. You need a sherpa to guide you to altitude.

Let us guide you and your team to that calm confidence of knowing your team can handle whatever comes their way.


I've been there...

I'm an entrepreneur who has run multi-million dollar budgets and been part of startup companies where the pace was fast AND furious.  

I know what it's like to be a heat-seeking missile trying to grow a business, build a family and keep it all together without crashing and burning.

The fact is, I did crash and burn several times. I was blind to the signs that kept me working at the achievements I thought would be so fulfilling.

It's my mission to make an impact with leaders of all types to create the life of their dreams rather than dreaming about life.

By building your company with discipline and systems for growth, your people will never want to leave. When you help them become the best version of themselves, and using a systematic approach to growth in every area of their lives, you will have business leaders that enjoy their best version of life.

You can hear my own story in episodes 1 and 2 of my podcast, In The Growth Space. 

Check out the episodes below:




One of the most surprising results of being a part of an Inner Circle Group is the value of reflecting on your own wisdom and expertise as you help the other members. You will grow your business by helping the other members think into their businesses.


  • High potential individual that is¬†selected for growth and¬†development
  • May be very new to people
    leadership or that is next on their growth path
  • People who are achieving
    excellence in their work and seen as capable of more
  • Someone who desires to grow,¬†wants more responsibility, has a¬†hunger to be developed
  • Group is a combination of
    teaching/training, coaching, safe space to try out new skills and ideas within a group of other emerging leaders from around the world, from other companies and other industries. 
  • It's a true melting
    pot and starting place for a leader to begin growing.


  • These leaders are advancing yet still new to people leadership
  • The individuals have excelled in the Emerging Leader group and/or want to be around other leaders for more growth, ideas, coaching, and input Individuals desire to continue growing and advancing in their career
  • This group is run more like a mastermind where individual members will present hot-seat issues and scenarios where they want coaching.
  • Led by an international coach/facilitator, this group will also participate in peer coaching as they learn to coach each other


  • ¬†Entrepreneurs and top level business leaders
  • Direct access to two International Executive Coaches who have coached and trained leaders around the world
  • 12 calls per year, 6 with David McGlennen & 6 with Andy Hall, each 60 minutes in length
  • Direct access to David McGlennen and Andy Hall via Email or Text with a response within 24 hours
  • Once a month 2-hour group call with all The Elite Inner Circle Members led by David and Andy
  • Once a month 1-hour call with an Industry expert guest that will speak into your individual needs.
  • Once per year, an in-person Summit (live event) that is exclusively for The Elite Inner Circle members only.
  • Each year we will host the event at a different, exciting, and engaging location.


The Inner Circle Summit gathers leaders from around the world who want to be intentional about their growth. In 2022, our theme was Be Well - Lead Well. If you've ever wondered what it might be like to have an inner circle or a mastermind, this video shares the highlights from the day. It's a day of growth, networking and learning from other leaders so that we can build strong teams, companies and leadership.


Get to know us by joining our community. We will give you our Peak Performance Principles audio program as our gift to you!

"My team was fortunate to have worked with David (individually and as a group) to enhance our ability to have a stronger shared consciousness with each other and also enhance our ability to build stronger trust and collaboration through practicing and embedding core fundamentals. We have a stronger foundation by using core principles to help us adapt and change our mindset so that we can see others in way that is conducive for growth. "

Herman Hsuan
Director Growth and Innovation, Sustainability Services, Waste Management

"We are growing as an organization and as a leadership team. It's always a good experience for me when we have [our Inner Circle] meetings."

Cosimo Bisceglia, Jr.
Director of Operations, IDL Print

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